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Joe Ewing Digital Surfing Photography

Digital Surfing Photos by an expert Surfer. I have the "eye" for great Surfshots. Call or e-mail to inquire about a private shooting.

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OB Christmas Parade  

OB Potpourri &Surfing etc.  

Rome,Florence, Barcelona, London  

Osprey, Luscombs, Rock Slide and Bird Shit  

Big Rock   

OB Jetty SURFSHOT 7-10AM  

OB Jetty SUNDAY 11 AM (surfshot photos)  I took 300 shots. If you were surfing that day (sunday) between 11 and 1 contact me and give me a discription.

La Jolla Reef (surfshot)  If you were surfing that spot that day I might have a shot of you thats not on the expression session. Contact me with a description and I will search my files.

Sunset cliffs (Surfshot)  

OB North Jetty  If you were surfing this day e-mail me (ewing2surf@cox.net) an a discription of your Surfboard and I will search my photos for your wave.

North Garbage & Luscombe (midday)  

Rockslide & Luscombs (good Surf)  

2/8/06 Rockslide morning (surfshot expression session)  

4-12-06 (afternoon) Rockslids/Luscombs  I took 400 shots mostly of Rockslides. If you were out at either spot between 4 and 6 email me a description and I will search my files.

OB Pier  If you were surfing OB Pier on this day contact me and I will search for your picture


Rockslides / Luscombs  

Just Waves in OB   

OB entrance Sign at Rob Field  

8-25-10 OB North Jetty (morning)  Surfing, OB, Jetty

La Jolla Shores   January 2010

Sunday Morning OB Pier  Surfing photos taken at OB Pier Sunday morning around 10am

Ocean Beach Sunsets  

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